Power Solutions

Thermal based power generation is the most prevalent , not only in the country but world over. Even though world over efforts are on to balance out the pressure on limited  fossil fuel resources through promotion of other non-conventional  energy based power generation systems, thermal based power generation systems, however are going to exists for now. We made our efforts to facilitate the cost effective design and efficient operation of these power plants to ensure that efficient design and operations reduces the load on the natural resources up to the extent possible, till the time new improved technologies take their space. Our solutions/ services are categorized in Plant Design time and Plant Optimization services and solutions

Plant Design

We have different software solutions and services useful during Plant Design phase. Rankine cycle based Heat Balance Diagram Software Simple Heat Balance is our flagship product, to support design engineers who in turn may reduce the design time significantly as compared to other solutions you have been using. We also have other products useful for you and make your efforts more efficient, in terms of money and time.

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Plant Optimization

Once the Power plants are operational, its efficient operation also reduces the fuel cost significantly. We also provide plant optimization system installation services. Our bank of experts have several years of experience. Team work and expertise of which will be providing give you the professional quality work surpassing your expectations.