Plant Optimization

Online Performance Assessment Diagnostics and Optimization System is an online system supported by computers, sophisticated software and hardware, which monitors the entire plant through several sensors and monitors and  by means of balance as well as simulation lead to a systematic reduction in plant Operational Expenditure. This uses appropriately adapted calculation modules for different components like turbine, air heaters, fans, gas cleaning equipment, boilers, furnaces, cooling water cycle components etc. It can also monitor steam and flue gas properties in regularly. The actual performance of the plant and all its major components is recorded and evaluated at uniform intervals.

The major components such as boiler, turbine, feed water heaters, cooling water cycle, pumps and fans all affect the net plant efficiency; in order to maintain this at the highest possible level any deficiency of the individual components has to be avoided. In addition, the performances of these components, individually, also affect efficiency of  other components in the system. That is the reason, in some cases it become difficult to detect the actual component responsible for a registered defect. Therefore the computer system has to take into account all the interactions between the various components of the plant and reflect the contribution of each component or process parameter to the overall plant efficiency. The software is required to consider all of these interactions among different components and identify the potential reasons and possible rectification for performance improvement.

With an online system it is important to check continuously the reliability of the measurements because they affect the quality of the results. Our software incorporates a combination of range check and data validation methodologies.

For new power plants with a high degree of efficiency, special attention is paid to the deterioration of efficiency in order to justify the investments made for increasing the efficiency. To reduce the emission and to operate the plant with minimum fuel cost, deviations from the technical-economic mode of operation must be immediately known and nullified.

The typical optimization software package is a massive computation engine with capabilities to monitor and analyze several performance parameters of production assets of the plant. The client-server architecture network supports the information gathering, processing, control, and HMI. It uses the available plant data on a real-time basis from the existing plant control systems and identifies sensors in the field and equipment packages and for operator at the workstation, it offers the capability to run the plant to defined set of KPIs, while the modeling based programs run in the background.

The system includes applications, such as regenerative cycle performance, trip analysis, calculation for heat rate, efficiency, and auxiliary power consumption monitoring. It is also very useful for analyzing the impact of individual unit/equipment performance to the overall losses or gains and power generation capacity of the plant. The software package uses state of the art optimization techniques and recommends operator controllable parameter settings to optimize given process or activity at the measured operating condition.

There is scope for optimizing the entire set of power generation units, and even a fleet of power plants. For a profitable and reliable operation of power plants, this diagnostic and optimization tools render themselves essential. Such packages also help benchmark performance of key parameters between generating units in a plant and across several plants. It also facilitates virtual or digital plant operating conditions to be simulated for continuous improvement efforts.

Our experts are capable to consider and address all of these requirements and customize the system according to actual needs. To know more contact us with details and our representative will contact you shortly.