Software Products

We have following software products related to power plant design and other relevant needs:

 It has been designed especially for practicing engineers and is quite simple to use even on the first time.  Many new users have reported that they didn’t felt need of any training or reference manual while working on this. A few minutes exploring of the software is enough for generating the valuable simulation data. For veterans starting modeling is matter of seconds. Click here to know more

Generation Cost calculator, which not only provide generation costs, levelized and annual and their breakups, but also provide other indicators and parametres to assess the economic viability of the project. these includes, Liquidated Damage, Bid Evaluation Factor, IRR, RoE, MIRR and other desired indicators.Click here to know more

This is a tool, which can be used to calculate the boiler efficiency in different conditions, depending on coal constituents, environmental parameter, and boiler performance parameters. Click here to know more

  • CondenserCal:

Condenser modeling tool. One can design the condenser by providing required inputs, including material or one can estimate the performance of the condenser in the given conditions. (as per HEI specification)

  • DeaeratorCal:

DeaeratorCal is deaerator calculation tool, which calculates the steam parameters based on the inputs provided.

  • Psychrometric Chart
  • Steam table (as per IAPWS -IF97)
  • Cooling Tower models (IDCT and MDCT)