CostGenCal is software for estimating the generation cost of the power plant, even at the time of project initiation. The software is compatible for coal based, gas based and renewable energy based power plants.


It Provides

  • Per unit Generation Cost calculation , levelized and with annual variation
  • Cost breakup variable and fixed costs
  • Further breakup of costs, like Interest on capital, Return on Equity (RoE), Depreciation, O&M, interest on working capital (IWC), primary and secondary fuel costs etc., as per applicability
  • Provision for putting other variable costs
  • Graphical representation of all cost components and also of total cost, along the time line.
  • For Coal based plants, option for twos sources of primary fuel
  • Option available for providing data of secondary fuel
  • Option for accelerated depreciation
  • Input files can be saved
  • Calculate Bid Evaluation Factor and Liquidated Damage (BEF and LD)
  • Time series of cost components can be exported to excel (.csv format)
  • Transportation cost can be added separately according to sources (including the escalation rates)
  • Provide Financial indicators also including Project IRR, Equity IRR, Modified IRR (MIRR), NPV, Payback periods etc, in case selling price is provided as input

Product Brochure: