Simple Heat Balance

Simple Heat Balance  is a software program, which create heat balance diagram (HBD)  for a Rankine cycle based steam power plant.

Simple Heat Balance is the best software available for creating HBDs considering the accuracy and the ease of use. Whereas other software needs thousand of input to configure the software and may take hours and days for same, Simple Heat Balance needs less than 100 inputs, and even the new user can accustom himself/herself within few hours and get results, without compromising with accuracy.

One can simulate with different configurations of system like, single LP or double LP, HP, IP or HP-IP combined, turbine, HP heaters out of service, super critical, ultra super-critical conditions, backward or forward cascading of heaters, BFP turbine/ motor or motor+turbine, and different other conditions in design and off design modes. (see below)

It has been tested with different manufacturer’s systems and reflected unmatched accuracy, with less than 0.5 % deviation from the correct values.

The ease of use helps engineers to keep there focus where it is actually required, inside complexities have been handled by our software professionals for you.  The single software has the capacity to simulate the system in design and off-design mode. Simple Heat Balance  has been designed especially for practicing engineers and is quite simple to use even when you are using it for the first time. Output of this software can be saved and printed in form of Diagram (as you always prefer to do)

Many new users have reported that they didn’t felt need of any training or reference manual while working on this. A few minutes exploring of the software is enough for generating the valuable simulation data. For veterans starting modeling is matter of few minutes.

This seemingly contradictory combination of incredible power and detail, with fast, user friendly ease of use and simplest and intitutive user intaerface, is the result of thoughtful software design and tireless improvements that our experts have put into. All input variables have reasonable default values. Non-critical inputs are tucked away into side menus, readily accessible to those who want them, but virtually unnoticed while modelling the general and common plant configurations. While choosing for somewhat new configuration, you will always be amazed by the details and their depth. At GreenSync Solutions,  we say it Simple Yet Powerful (SYP) design principle which is our cutting edge USP.

Fully Flexible Program

Simple Heat Balance  offers the user to choose combination of  LP (4) heaters and  HP (3) Heaters, with choice of  possible number of extraction points for heaters. Heater drips can be cascaded forward or backward. Sliding pressure mode or constant pressure mode of operation can be simulated.

User can select combination of drive for BFP turbine. Steam source to deareator, BFP turbine, SH spray and Reheater spray can be selected. User can select double LP exhaust or single LP exhaust. Condenser pressure of both the LP cylinders can be independently selected. Provision for selecting HP-IP arrangement is provided which automatically modifies the gland sealing arrangement.

The Simple Heat Balance  program also offers the user to simulate  the off design condition such as target which may differ from the rated load. It also gives you an opportunity to simulate bypass heaters, effect of spray in super heater or reheater, varying the steam parameters, change of pressure etc

If You are interested in the software or want to know more, please contact us and our professionals will be responding to your queries. you can also download brochure  from following this link

Simple Heat Balance : 

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  • Suitable for matching your requirements for while engineering even Super Critical or Ultra super critical plants
  • Works in design and off design mode (NO two separate licences are required),
  • Higher accuracy as compared to existing products
  • Require minimum inputs,
  • Need no formal training (saving in significant professional time)
  • Seamless transition between design and off design mode
  • Unique single page user interface(copyrighted design)
  • Very little configuration time
  • 1997 steam table specifications have been used
  • WYSIWYG printing of the cycle


Different Configurations of cycle are possible while simulation what if scenarios:

  • Single reheat/ double reheat
  • Single LP/ double LP
  • HP – IP combined and separate
  • Variation in cylinder extraction
  • Forward / backward cascading of heaters
  • Selection of units
  • Turbine/ motor driven BFP and combination thereof
  • These are just introduction, almost all practical configurations can be simulated through this software